Monday, September 3, 2018

You Can Vote for Two

I have been talking to a lot of folks around town and there was one item that came up several times so I think it's a good idea to clarify.  There are a total of five City Council seats.  The way the City Council elections work in Clayton is that every two years, there are either three or two seats up for election.  The term is 4 years, however the seats are staggered so they don't all turn over at the same time.

This year there are two of the five seats up for election.  That means that when everyone gets their ballot, there will be instructions that say "Vote for Two" or something to that effect.

In talking to folks, I've heard multiple variations of 'I'm voting for you, but I also really like what Brian Buddell has to say', or 'My spouse is voting for Brian Buddell, but I'm voting for you'.   Quite a few people were under the impression they had to choose one or the other.  That leads to the explanation that there are actually two seats available which is always received as very good news!

So when the ballots are mailed out to everyone on October 8, remember you can vote for two spots for Clayton City Council.  Obviously I'm hopeful that one of those votes goes to me.