Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lets Gather All the Facts

A common tactic when faced with opposition is to attempt to discredit information provided somehow, cast doubt on what is said, or simply deny the truth of various statements.  Often opposition will say that information that is critical to their position is being presented in a misleading or divisive way.  As such, I’ve been accused of making misleading statements, being divisive, or all manner of unflattering things. If as a political candidate, calling out areas of disagreement is unacceptably divisive, then that's unfortunate. I have never disparaged any other candidate - what I have done is call attention to areas of disagreement, criticized decisions made that I oppose, and highlight matters of public record.

I understand people may disagree. If a person is okay with selling the downtown lot, if they are okay with high density housing in downtown, if they are okay with dissenting voices being minimized and labeled as a "vocal minority", if they are okay with an insufficient parolee housing ordinance, restricting speech, 30% absenteeism, unanimous voting virtually all the time, then the status quo is probably what they are going to support.

I will continue to speak clearly and plainly about areas of disagreement, and call out ways I think we can do better. Here are some of the key facts related to this election on Nov 6:
These are things I disagree with and are matters of public record.  In contrast, here are my key issues: