Friday, October 12, 2018

The Experience of Councilmember Shuey

Mr. Shuey certainly has a lot of experience being a member of the City Council for four terms and now vying for a fifth.  Mr. Shuey likes to tout his participation in the development of the Grove and Concerts in the Park, and balanced budgets.  But what he doesn't emphasize is all the missteps the Council has made in more recent years.  In the past, the Council surely has done a number of things to make Clayton a great place to live.  But past accomplishments don't excuse poor choices or decisions in the present.  I discuss that in more detail here.

Agreeing to negotiate to sell our downtown lot, trying to sell the other city owned properties, rezoning properties to allow high density housing to come in, and voting in favor of restricting people's speech, etc. are all part of his experience.  And let's not forget his 30% absenteeism rate over his latest term.  It's easy to vote to support concerts in the park and community events.  But when we look at critical decision making that would change the character of our city, the experience that Mr. Shuey represents is that of selling our city to outside developers, misjudging risk to the city, and rezoning to allow high density rental units in our downtown.