Friday, October 5, 2018

Let's Talk About Experience

Experience is important when evaluating job candidates.  And to be sure, running for City Council is like an extended job interview.

My resume is available for anyone to review on Linkedin.  I have no interest in obfuscating with broad generalities about what I've accomplished in my career.  And while I don't have experience as a member of local government, I do have quite a bit of experience auditing local government.  What I bring to the table is experienced decision making throughout my career.  I started as a governmental auditor working for a private CPA firm.  My focus was on local governments: cities, counties, transit authorities, etc.  Some of my clients were Contra Costa County, Pleasanton, Contra Costa County Employee Retirement Association, Napa County, Sonora, Tuolumne County, Sacramento County, Stockton, Modesto, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, among others.

After getting licensed as a CPA, I moved on to private industry, managing the accounting groups at various companies in fields like software, Fortune 10 healthcare, and insurance.  As a senior manager of large distributed teams across the country, I've had extensive experience executing on a vision, getting desired results in a highly regulated environment, and staying within a budget.  I've been responsible for training, hiring, firing, implementing new systems, leading audits, preparing RFPs, writing policy, and providing strategic direction for the enterprise.

Leading large groups, managing with a focus on empirical data, and a passion for preserving the great things about Clayton - this is the experience I will bring to the Council.