Monday, October 8, 2018

The (lack of) Experience of Mr. Wolfe

Mr. Wolfe joined the Planning Commission in August of 2016.  And while the Planning Commission has scheduled meetings twice a month, during Mr. Wolfe's tenure the Planning Commission actually canceled over  65% of their meetings.  Of the meetings that were actually held, Mr. Wolfe attended a total of up to 17 of them (two meeting minutes are not available as of this posting date so I am including those in the 17 figure).  During that time he was faced with fairly mundane matters like home additions, kitchen remodels, and fence height limitations which are important overall for the city, but not necessarily the experience in decision making that is needed at the City Council level.

When a matter of larger significance came before the Planning Commission, that of restricting people's speech with the unconstitutional sign ordinance that the Council suggested, Mr. Wolfe voted unanimously with the rest of the Planning Commission 5-0 to adopt it.  There was no showing of understanding of the issue that Mr. Wolfe was voting on.   Of course we now know that this sign ordinance was not defensible as the City Manager has declared it will no longer be enforced.

A mere 17 meetings over 2 years does not lend itself to experience in executive decision making - a primary role of the City Council.  He will state repeatedly that he was a Creative Director for a major corporation - but with that there are also no details on how that experience is relevant to the position he seeks.

Also important to consider is that Mr. Wolfe is trying to take the same path that many Councilmembers before him took.  Appointed by the City Council to the Planning Commission, then later taking a seat alongside those who appointed them.  This is the path that Mayor Haydon took.  Also Councilmember Catalano, and Councilmember Diaz.  That's not experience, that is more of the same where the Council picks their successors.

My experience however, is laid out here:

I was a governmental auditor focusing on cities, counties, and transit authorities.  I’ve been in senior management at various large enterprises for nearly 20 years charged with executing strategic direction.  I write clearly about the positions I take on many key issues.  In my professional capacity I act as a subject matter expert charged with ensuring my company follows the proper accounting, financial reporting, and regulatory rules in a highly regulated environment.  That we do the right thing even when it's difficult.  It takes clear communication, and a willingness to stand up for your convictions – actual leadership.