Friday, October 26, 2018

The Vocal Minority

Previously I wrote about the opportunity to be heard, the opportunity to engage in dialogue, and open communication. That when substantive comments and questions go repeatedly unaddressed and unanswered, it creates a sense of being ignored. It’s the same thing when you label groups that have different views as a “vocal minority”. It minimizes what they have to say as if it’s not important, treating minority views as if they don’t matter. That is why communication is such a key part of my campaign. Direct questions should receive direct answers. Period.

Instead, if someone disagrees, they often get ignored.  If enough people gather together to voice opposition, they are ignored collectively.  If even more get together and voice stronger opposition, then they can be labeled as the "vocal minority" and continue to be ignored.

After this election we are going to see if those who have been vocal in opposition to Council actions are actually in a minority.  Let's prove them wrong.